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Special Event Sign Notification

Please return the completed form to the Municipal Development Team Office located at 5 Mill Street South, Port Hope or to 


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Sign By-law 17-2005 (Section 5.9 Special Event Signs)

5.9.1 A Special Event sign shall not be erected more than 21 days prior the commencement of the event and shall be removed within 48 hours following the completion of the advertised event.

5.9.2 A Special Event sign located on or over a public street or other municipal property shall not be erected without the prior written approval of the Chief Building Official of the Municipality of Port Hope or his/her designate, and a copy of all such written approvals shall be forwarded by the Chief Building Official to the Municipal Clerk for circulation.

5.9.3 The installation of a Special Event sign over a public street is permitted subject to the following requirements: The sign shall not exceed 1.0 metre in height and 7.3 metres in length; The sign shall have grommets along the top and bottom, spaced not more than 0.6 metres apart; and, Air holes shall be incorporated throughout the sign to minimize wind resistance.

Signs will be far enough from corners so that sight lines are visible to traffic.