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Pursuant to By-law number 51/2008 of the Corporation of the Municipality of Port Hope



  1. Attach a written letter of application
  2. Include the application fee of $200.00 + HST = $226.00
  3. Attach written confirmation that the applicant is the current registered owner of the property subject to the application, or if a tenant, written confirmation from the current owner agreeing to the application;
  4. Attach a description of the salvage in which the applicant proposes to deal;
  5. Attach a sketch or site drawing of the site including the dimensions of the premises in respect of which the licence if applied for, the location of and description of all roads within two hundred feet of the premises and the boundaries of all parcels of land adjacent to the premises or within five hundred feet thereof, and indicating what part of the premises is within 0.80 kilometer of any part of a Provincial or County Road;
  6. Attach any other documentation required by the Clerk.


By clicking "YES", I certify all information provided to be correct in all respects and I hereby agree to comply with all of the requirements of By-law 122/2007 relating to a refreshment vehicle licence.