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Delegation Request Form

Delegation Rules and Guidelines

  • Delegations are only permitted before Committee of the Whole provided that the Delegate has submitted the pre-requisite full copy of presentation material and has received approval of their submission.

  • In order to be included as a delegation on the public agenda, Delegates must submit to the Municipal Clerk, a written request to appear no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday before the scheduled day of the meeting, including a written full copy of their presentation and comments to be made at the meeting. Delegation requests received after this time will not be listed on the public agenda.

  • Delegation presentation material and comments are subject to approval before any delegation is confirmed. Delegations will receive confirmation of their delegation status upon approval by email address you have provided on the delegation request form.

  • Delegation are permitted 10 minutes for their presentation, not inclusive of questions from the Committee.

  • PowerPoint presentations are permitted provided that an electronic copy of the presentation is submitted to the Municipal Clerk as part of their delegation submission no later than 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday before the meeting. A copy will be distributed to Members of Council sitting as Committee of the Whole as part of the delegation submission.

  • I understand and confirm that the photographs and/or video and/or audio recordings included in this delegation package are my property OR I have been granted explicit permission to use the photographs and/or video and/or audio recordings as part of my delegation presentation. I grant permission to the Municipality to publish these images on the Municipality of Port Hope and other websites and acknowledge that in doing so, they will be available to the public. I further understand that the Municipality of Port Hope has no control over, and is not responsible for, the use or misuse of materials on its website, including photograph and/or video and/or audio recordings submitted in this package.

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Mayor to Approve if: