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Pre-Application Form

In order to apply for any of the Community Improvement Plan Incentives, Applicants are required to complere the Community Improvement Plan Pre-Application Form. This will determine eligibility as well as assist the applicant in the Application process. The checklist below will require a brief description of the work being done and will ensure that both the Applicant and the Municipality have a clear understanding of the work being done, the scope of the project, the incentive being applied for and the information and materials to support the project.

It is also noted that the Applicant must understand that this form will determine eligibility. If the Applicant is determined eligible, a Pre-Consultation meeting will be set with the Community Improvement Plan Committee to discuss the application, details of the work being done and required documents to be included. If the Applicant is not eligible for the incentive being applied for, the Applicant will not be permitted to move forward in the application process. Under these circumstances, there will not be comments provided to define changes made to the project in order to become eligible.


Please complete if the Owner is different than the Applicant.

Details of Proposed Project