Removal of 'H' - Holding Provision

Complete Application Requirements

  1. Application Fee - The application fee can be found on the Fees and Charges page in the 'Zoning By-law Amendment' table.
  2. One (1) copy of the completed and signed original application form.
  3. Thee (3) copies of the most recent survey of the subject lands prepared by an Ontario Lan Surveyor Indicating: boundaries an dimensions of the subject land including reference to the nearest street; topogrophical contours; natural features such as watervourses, wooded areas, hedges, retainig walls.
  4. One (1) reduced copy of the plan of survey as required above (no larger than 11'x17').
  5. A digital PDF version of all sketches provided as a part of this application.
  6. One (1) copy of the applicable Zoning By-law Amendment in which the 'H' - Holding provision and conditions for removal were established.
  7. All documentation required for the Removal of the 'H' - holding provision as outlined in the applicable Zoning By-law Amendment.