Site Alteration and Fill Permit Application

In order to apply for a Site Alteration and Fill Permit, Applicants are required to complete this Application Form and submit the Additional Requirements listed within. This application is required for dumping fill, removing fill or altering grades and will determine eligibility as well as assist the Applicant in the permitting process. The checklist below will require a description of the work being done and will ensure that both the Applicant and the Municipality have a clear understanding of the work being done, the scope of the project, the determination of Minor, Small or Large Fill Operation Status.

It is also noted that the Applicant must understand that this form will determine eligibility. If the Applicant is determined eligible and has provided all documentation as determined by the By-law and to the satisfaction of Director of Works and Engineering, a Permit will subsequently be issued. Please note that permit fees are non-refundable and are dictated in the Fees for Services By-law which is available on request.